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Timanthes of Cythnus (Greek: Τιμάνϑης) was an ancient Greek painter of the 4th century BC. The most celebrated of his works was a picture representing the. Timanthes of Sicyon was an ancient Greek painter of the 3rd century BC. In BC he accompanied Aratus of Sicyon on his voyage to Alexandria and later he. The masterpiece of Timanthes was his celebrated picture of the sacrifice of Iphigenia, in which Agamemnon was painted with his face hidden in his mantle ( Pliny.

l.c.) ; and the question involved in it is, whether Timanthes displayed consummate skill, or was guilty of a mere trick, in painting Agamemnon with his face hidden. 19 Feb Other Platform Commodore 64 Tool: Timanthes Beta by Focus. Released on 19 February Timanthes seems to have been a younger contemporary of Zeuxis and Parrhasius. Perhaps his career fell chiefly after B. C. The painting of his of which we.

Find out information about Timanthes. fl. c B.C., Greek painter of Sicyon, a contemporary of Parrhasius and Zeuxis. His masterpiece, Sacrifice of Iphigenia. 29 Apr TIMANTHES, of Cythnus or Sicyon, a Greek painter of the 4th century B.C. The most celebrated of his works was a picture representing the. Griechische Kunst: Die Opferung von Iphigenia und der Schleier des Timanthes. The Sacrifice of Iphigenia, a 1st Century AD Roman copy of a 4th Century BC. painting by Timanthes of Kythnos (ca. BC) of the sacrifice of Iphigenia. Cicero recorded in his. Ad Marcum Brutum Orator 74 that, after having expressed the. Timanthes (late 5th cent. bce), painter, of Cythnus, or Sicyon. Famed for ingenium ('imaginative ingenuity'). His 'sacrifice of Iphigenia' showed degrees of grief.


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